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Press Releases - August 5, 2004
TeachItToMe.com News and Announcements

Judaism Makes Peace with Apple

The apples may have once been the poison fruit but for Rabbi David Botton his Apple iPod, PowerBook and G5 are healing the masses.

(TeachItToMe.com) August 5, 2004 - Changing the world is no small thing, but it is getting easier to do. The Internet made it possible for people to reach each other across the globe at an instant and now easy to use multi-media authoring tools from Apple are making it possible for Rabbi's like Rabbi David Botton to reach even the farthest away wandering Jew in a way that uplifts and inspires.

Rabbi David Botton maintains and is also one of the most active teachers on http://www.TeachItToMe.com. He uses his Apple iPod with iTalk microphone to record on the go, his 12 inch PowerBook to record, edit and encode audio while traveling and his G5 for the heavy editing of content for the site.

"I saw it from across the room and it called to me, a native UNIX prompt haloed by an awe inspiring GUI. It tempted me... and I purchased the Apple that changed my life!"

From the technobabble it is clear that this Rabbi with the long black beard and jolly belly is not just a student of the Talmud, but also a Techi. In fact among his technology accomplishments, Rabbi Botton developed the technology used today to interface Ada 95, a software language used heavily in the military and aerospace industries, to Microsoft's ActiveX, COM and DCOM technologies.

"My Apple inspires the artist inside the nerd exterior"

Rabbi Botton gives his impassioned classes on personal growth and Jewish law live twice a week on-line using streaming Quick Time Video from http://www.teachittome.com and simulcasts the audio on technology used by http://www.virtualyeshiva.com. He then edits the audio files using QuickTime Pro and encodes them to MP3 using iTunes. He is currently working on a set of videos on "learning how to learn" the talmud and other parts of the torah using iMovie and FinalCut Express.

"Apple's tools let me focus on doing what I do best, teach torah. The tools do the hard work and combined with the server side software I wrote for TeachItToMe.com, I can give an hour class and with in 20 minutes have the MP3s, audio streams and multi-media materials up in the archives for download and on-line experience."

TeachItToMe.com is the leader in spreading torah through modern technologies to connect the sparks of vibrant torah talent to the many souls spread through out the farthest parts of the world. TeachItToMe.com is run by a board of Torah observant Orthodox Rabbis, technical administration and programming is done by Rabbi David Botton.

Rabbi David Botton


(c) 2003-2008 All Rights Reserved - Rabbi David Botton

Distribution and Copying of materials is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED in any form including links, burning of CDs, file sharing networks, IIRC, etc. It is requested that TeachItToMe.com be clearly written on CDs or incorporated in to file names to indicate it as the source of the material whenever possible.

"How much do the MP3s cost?
Huh? If I had the money I'd pay you to listen!" - RDB