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Press Releases - August 31, 2004
TeachItToMe.com News and Announcements

The Explosion of Torah MP3

The sounds can be heard everywhere "I Want My MP3!" and today's Torah sites are delivering.

(TeachItToMe.com) August 31, 2004 - Technology is moving at an extraordinary pace and with it comes increased responsibility for each of us to make the right choices with it. Do we use technology to dive in to the depths of the "other side" or do we use it to draw ourselves to the divine. No where more than on the "net" is this polar choice more evident.

Today when crying out "I want my MP3!" one can mean MP3s that inspire, enlighten and teach Torah. Websites like www.DafYomi.org and www.YerushalmiOnline.org bring you the entire Talmud Bavli and Talmud Yerushalmi over 2000 MP3s combined! Sites like www.TeachItToMe.com bring you access to the most dynamic Rabbis through out the world with many classes to choose from and a variety of subjects.

Some sites like TeachItToMe.com offer their content for free and encourage downloading MP3 from their site with out sign ups or personal information and sharing them in any way possible. Others like AishAudio bring you access to their tape libraries as MP3s for a small fee. Either way, today there is an explosion of Torah on the net. TeachItToMe.com offers a library of over 2,500 MP3s, other sites have similar numbers and its growing. If you started listening now to every Torah MP3 on the net it would be many years until you are done.

TeachItToMe.com is the leader in spreading torah through modern technologies to connect the sparks of vibrant torah talent to the many souls spread through out the farthest parts of the world. TeachItToMe.com is run by a board of Torah observant Orthodox Rabbis, technical administration and programming is done by Rabbi David Botton.

Rabbi David Botton


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Distribution and Copying of materials is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED in any form including links, burning of CDs, file sharing networks, IIRC, etc. It is requested that TeachItToMe.com be clearly written on CDs or incorporated in to file names to indicate it as the source of the material whenever possible.

"How much do the MP3s cost?
Huh? If I had the money I'd pay you to listen!" - RDB