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Shaarei Kedushah: The Gates of Holiness - Introduction
The guide to self perfection by Rav Chaim Vital
By: Rabbi David Botton

The Gates of Holiness

Rav Chaim Vital

Introduction to the Shaarei Kedushah

In the Shaarei Kedushah, Gates of Holiness, Rav Chaim Vital introduces the key foundation of being holy as a matter of solid self transformation in to a more perfect being and not a matter of witchcraft or other occult art. Refinement of ones character is the key to acheiving anything in the realm of the holy.

This idea can be understood in that man is a microcosim in the image of the divine. As there are measured elements of divine revelation, the ten sefirot, so there are measured elements of self expression with in man. When these areas of self expression are refined to be an expression in the same manor as the expressions of God’s will, he is automaticly through the principal of bitul, nullification of likes, connected to his creator.

As such Rav Chaim Vital teaches that the way of his master, the holy Ari Z”L is the path of absolute simplicity as it is taught in pirkey avot, make his will your will and your will, will be his will.

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